At Weiss Finance, we value your privacy and we work hard to keep it protected. Sometimes we will need to ask you for personal details in order to service your account. However, we’ll always let you know exactly why we need each piece of information, and we will never share it with third parties without permission.

Weiss Finance Privacy Policy

Weiss Finance maintains a strict and technologically coherent policy to protect your privacy and to safeguard your personal and financial information.
This Privacy Policy is established between Weiss Finance (also referred to as the ‘’Company’’; ‘’we’’, ‘’us’’, and ‘’our’’) and anyone (hereinafter referred to as the ‘’Client’’; ‘’you’’, ‘’ your’’) who holds or seeks to hold a Weiss Finance trading account. All Weiss Finance account holders and/or anyone using our website (https://www.weissfinance.com) agree and consent to our collection and use of information as determined by this Privacy Policy.


The Company routinely collects data and information concerned with your activities on our trading platform. We also collect data and information concerned with your Internet protocol (IP) address; browser type; operating system, Internet service provider (ISP), time stamps and transaction history. This is all done in the interests of our security and your continued enjoyment of our products and services.
Weiss Finance requires all clients to submit information which the company uses to (a) verify your identity and residential address, (b) authorize, maintain and service your Weiss Finance account. The information we collect or receive, whether directly or indirectly, will only be used to (c) monitor or improve our services, (d) customize the client’s enjoyment of the Weiss Finance trading platform, (e) notify you of Weiss Finance’s policy updates, products, services or special promotions.

The Client is the primary source of the data and information collected by the Company. Such as, your contact details, (i.e., name, address, telephone number, email address), as well as information we are obligated under the law to collect, including (your passport number and/or tax identification number), all of which is required in order to properly identify the Client, and to prevent the possibility of criminal activities (i.e., fraud, money laundering, the funding of illegal drugs or terrorism). We also collect data and information for demographic studies such as: Date of Birth, Gender, Occupation and employment status.

If you decide to close your Weiss Finance account, we shall retain your data and information. This is in order for us to comply fully with the law and regulatory stipulations.


Cookies are tiny files sent from Web servers and these may be temporarily stored on your computer. Weiss Finance uses cookies and web beacons, action tags or single-pixel gifs, and other technologies order to provide us with the technical capacity to improve the operation of our business and to improve your enjoyment of our products and services. Cookies tell us how you use the Weiss Finance website. The company may link information obtained via cookies to personally identifiable information you submit while on our site.

Unless required by law or court order, the Company will not divulge this technical information with third parties. Technical cookies cannot be accessed or studied by anybody outside of authorized Weiss Finance officials. Our technical cookies never include your personal information such as, for example, your account or password information. Weiss Finance does not collect any details relating to other websites you may have visited at any time.

We occasionally employ reputable advertising and marketing companies who often use Pixel Tags to assist us in the targeting our online banner ads. Pixel Tags are not able to identify you or access your personal information

The Company may also use third-party software to track usage of our website and to make a statistical analysis of user’s page requests, form requests and click paths.

All web browsers have settings which allow the Client to block cookies. If you visit our website with your browser set to allow cookies, this means you consent to our technical cookies as described above. If you choose to block cookies, however, you will still be able to access our services.


Except as described below, Weiss Finance will not sell, license, lease or otherwise disclose any of our clients’ personal details, or information relating to our clients’ accounts, with any of our affiliates or third parties for any reason.

The Company may share information with affiliates if the information involved is required to provide the product or service you have requested or to provide you the opportunity to participate in the products or services offered by the Company’s affiliates.

The Company reserves the right to use the services of other companies to help us improve our services. The Company may also share your contact details (e.g., names; telephone numbers; email addresses) with non-affiliated third parties who assist us in satisfying the Client with better services as well as to conduct general market research.

Weiss Finance requires any non-affiliated third parties to exercise strict confidentiality over any information which we might share with them, and only to use said information for the purpose to which we have employed them, or as otherwise required by law. Pursuant to this, therefore, we require non-affiliated third parties to practice data security procedures that defend you against unauthorized use of or access to your personal details.

If we employ non-affiliated third parties for the purposes of introducing special offers to you, they are required to tell you that the offers are only being made because you are a Weiss Finance client.


Weiss Finance reserves the right to disclose your personal information and any relevant data to regulatory, law enforcement or other government authorities. We may also disclose your information to credit reporting or collection agencies, or when necessary to protect our rights or property.


The Company uses only the most effective security software, such as Secure Socket Layers (SSL) digital encryption technology. All of the software solutions we use to execute our security procedures are maintained to give you a safe and secure trading environment and to protect your personal, financial and trading information.

The Client is issued a Weiss Finance trading account number, User ID, and a Password. The Company protects these details on a ‘Need-to-know’ only basis. This means only employees of Weiss Finance who have an authorized official need to know this information shall have access to your Account Number, User ID, and Password. You are responsible for the secrecy of your Account Number, User ID, and Password.


Amendments or changes to the present Privacy Policy will become effective immediately they are published on the Company’s website.

The Right to Opt Out.

Weiss Finance will not share any information whatsoever which relates to the Client without your express consent. In the event that Weiss Finance decides to share your personal information with third parties, the Client has the right to “opt out” of being included in such action. In such a contingency you will be required to notify us of your desire to opt out by email to: [email protected]

For jointly held trading accounts, an opt-out notice from one of the account owners will be construed as correct for all holders of the joint account. If the Client holds more than one trading account, an opt-out notification is required for each one.


Any dispute relating to the Company’s Privacy Policy is subject to this notice as well as our Security Policy, and general Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact the Company’s client support team by telephone; online Chat or email to:
[email protected]