The core differences between binary options and conventional investing in stocks are:

  • How the assets are handled in the investor/broker relationship.
  • Risk Factor.
  • Profitability.
  • Difficulty to learn


For conventional investors, you have to buy a quantity of share-stock and hope to sell them at a later date hoping to derive a profit when the price has increased on the stock market.

For binary options investors, you don’t have to buy or sell anything. You only have to predict whether the stock price will have moved up or down by the expiry of the option contract.

Risk Factor

For traditional investors, the amount of profit you will eventually receive is dependent upon how much the share-stock price has increased or decreased. If the price has increased, you will receive the amount invested plus the amount of increased value. If however the price decreased, you will be facing a certain loss. In both cases, you cannot tell before the event exactly how much money you might profit or forfeit.

Binary options investors on the other hand, always know precisely how much money they stand to gain before the option contract is placed.


The difference between share-stock investing and binary options investing is very great. Both kinds of investing can yield a profit but in almost every instance the amount is going to be larger with binary options.

The Weiss Finance platform guarantees a minimum profit to be between 75% and 80%.

Time Required to Generate Profits

From beginning to end, the binary options investment cycle can be completed in a very short time frame.The Weiss Finance platform enables you to choose binary option contract from 60 seconds and up to 10 months.
This means that you can generate at least 75% profit income in a matter of minutes, hours, days or months.

Whereas, using the conventional method the investor must be patient and wait a very long time before the value of share-stock increases high enough for it to be worthwhile to wait before selling.

Difficulty to Learn

Weiss Finance account holders have 24/7 access to an online binary options trading academy. It is free-to-use. There are no qualifications necessary except the desire to succeed, and it functions as a resource that you can refer to at any time. Our online training materials include fully comprehensive video demonstration tutorials, study courses for the beginner and for the veteran investor, trading platform tutorials, and eBooks.

Whereas, if you want to practice conventional investing on share-stock you will need to either purchase a small library of expensive technical books and/or go to a college for a year or possibly more before you will feel confident enough to risk your capital.

Overall, the conventional approach to making money from stock markets is not at all easy, requiring a lot of patience, risk, and low profitability. What’s more, you will get virtually no assistance as you learn the steps.

Start investing in stocks with Weiss Finance and get tips and advice free of charge throughout the entire process!

We invite you to consult with your Weiss Finance account manager today for more information.