Commodity markets are well-established and traders who deal in them traditionally use futures contracts to buy and sell them. Commodity markets use a set of minimum quality and quantity standards or standard measures. For example ounces and kilograms for metals, bushels for wheat, barrels for oil. However, this is not the case for commodities in the binary options context.

With binary options, you don’t actually buy or sell anything physical at all. You are only interested to invest an amount of money on a contract which is concerned with a prediction about what the market price of the commodity will be at the end of a given time-frame.

A binary options contract is not a bill of sale or a certificate of ownership. It is a contract that ties an amount of your capital that you decide to invest on the actual change in the market price within a specified time limit.

High-level Payouts.

With the Weiss Finance trading platform, you can invest as little as $25 on a single contract. Profit levels are high for commodities in binary options contracts, typically reaching 80%.

Our online platform makes it easy for you to invest anywhere and at any time, and make high levels of profit from the commodity markets without needing a warehouse to store your sacks of coffee or wheat, bars of gold and silver etc.

Moreover, you don’t have to predict exactly what the price will be at the end of that time limit, only whether it will be higher (a ’Call’ option) or lower (a ‘Put’ option). Instead of buying and selling, you are predicting whether the market price will be higher or lower than the market price at the moment you make the contract.

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